SAT-7 Canada

Supporting Christians of the Middle East and North Africa

To see a growing Church in the Middle East and North Africa, confident in Christian faith and witness, serving the community and contributing to the good of society and culture.
To provide the churches and Christians of the Middle East and North Africa an opportunity to witness to Jesus Christ through inspirational, informative, and educational television services.
A thoughtful ethos makes SAT-7 a unique television ministry in the region:

  • Over 80% of SAT-7 programs are created and produced by an interdenominational group of Middle Eastern and North African Christians.
  • SAT-7 programs are apolitical, culturally sensitive, and nonviolent.
  • SAT-7 does not attack other religions, so viewers from all religious backgrounds can engage in true and trustworthy presentations of the Gospel.
  • All broadcasts are free to air for viewers. SAT-7 receives its support from friends of the ministry.

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An opportunity to know Jesus

That Voice From Home

Our vision is to provide Christians and churches in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) with an opportunity to know Jesus, to learn and be inspired by Christian television programs. Twenty years later, no one on Earth would have predicted the destruction and persecution scattering millions of MENA people outside their own countries, but God had other plans.

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In this world you will have tribulations

Providing Light to the Blind

“…In this world you will have tribulations” (John 16:33).
It is a verse we have all heard. And, considering recent global events, it is a wonder that there can ever be any other type of experience. One of the directors for a SAT-7 Counseling Center, Hanna Yeshou, relates closely to the warnings of John 16:33 and its challenges…as well as its rewards.

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Youth Urged to Embrace God-Given Image

Be Your Selfie

The future of the Middle East and North Africa is in your praying hands. More than half the people in this region are under 25! With such a large youth population, growing in a chaotic land, how will they find the right path? Thanks to you, SAT-7 is able to bring the message of Jesus to millions in a way that is relevant and interesting to teens.

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