SAT-7: An Encourager

Everyone has high and low points as they travel through life. In times of doubt, you know that the Church is there to listen and help you find your way. [...]

Family in Christ

SAT-7 children’s programs are a joy for Egyptian mother Sarah* and her children. When Audience Relations counselors respond to Sarah’s messages, her kids gather around and excitedly ask her to [...]

A Friend to Lonely Believers

When Salma became a Christian eight years ago, her parents punished her by forcing her to stay home, preventing her from attending school. Their resentment of her Christian faith goes [...]

SAT-7: An Advocate

Prolonged exposure to violence can have lasting effects on people. According to The Economist, factors like ongoing conflicts in the region have resulted in a MENA population who will twice [...]

How Much More

Do you know your heavenly value? If you are reading this, you probably know God's love for us is so great that He gave His Son for our salvation. However, [...]

We Form Communities

SAT-7 began to use an app called Telegram®, previously used by ISIS for its encryption security. Why? To reach the isolated of Iran. The results were instantaneous. Within the first [...]

Church Bombing in Cairo, Egypt

SAT-7 mourns with thousands of Christians over the bombing of St Peter’s Coptic Orthodox Church in Cairo, Egypt. On December 11, 2016, a bag of explosives was left at the [...]

We Confront Rumors

Christian television in the Middle East? It may have seemed unbelievable the first time you heard of SAT-7, but together we have built a trusted community, strengthened the MENA church [...]

We Beat Censorship God is not limited by censorship. Satellite television goes a long way in beaming His Word, uncensored, into the homes of millions throughout the Middle East and North [...]

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